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Melbourne Airport Parking Options
One of our biggest concerns when travelling is how to get to and from the airport in the first place: our luggage is often too big to carry in public transportation and cabs, while convenient, are not as convenient as driving your own car. Thus, airport parking is a step in our travel plan to which we, far too often, don’t give enough attention. We’ll list the best Melbourne Airport parking options taking price, location and additional services into account. Remember: you should always book your parking to get the best quotes.

Value Car Park
The Melbourne Airport Parking offers plenty of options such as that have the innate advantage of being the closest to the airport itself. There are also options to accommodate bicycle and motorcycle parking, as well as disabled parking. If you don’t need your car to stay in the airport for long, consider a Value Short Stay, with a fixed price of $10 for stays of up to four hours. The price for a full day is $25. It features a free shuttle bus to the terminals every ten minutes and is the most accessible option for parking at the Melbourne airport.

Long Term Park The cheapest option for Melbourne Airport Parking is the terminal itself with cheaper rates to those of the Value Car Park, but more convenient drop-off points and a more frequent shuttle bus service. It departs to and from the terminal every five minutes. Long Term parking only offers outdoors parking, however, so you may want to look at the weather forecast before booking.

At Terminal Park If you want to stay as close as possible to the terminals, the Melbourne Airport Parking has parks located only 100m from them. For those travelling with Qantas, Virgin Australia or International, you should park at the T1, T2 and T3 terminals for fares that go from only $4 for fifteen minutes of parking to $330 for 14 days, plus $19 for each extra day. If you’re flying Jetstar, Tigerair, Rex or AirNorth, At Terminal T4 charges the same $4 for up to fifteen minutes, but the 14-day stay comes at a $320 price. It’s important to mention that the long term car park melbourne airport at United Airport Parking has secure undercover parking, which is important to protect your car from adverse weather conditions — especially if we’re talking about longer trips. Premium Park The Premium Park offers the proximity of the At Terminal Park, but also bays located the closest to the terminals. This makes it the best possible disabled parking option, and your may opt for self-parking, holding onto your keys while travelling.

Premium Park offers prices ranging from $25 for up to one hour and $684 for fourteen days ($460 for the T4). Qantas travellers may also want to consider a Business option that lets them park just 50m from the terminal.

Valet Park
The Valet Park is the ultimate luxury and comfort Melbourne Airport parking option, being the closest park to check-in and allows fast-tracking to the terminal, as they can park your car for you on a reserved bay. It’s also important to note that the Valet Park offers a car wash service, so that you come back from a trip to a renewed car. It makes sense that you should wash your car while you’re away on a trip, since it’s certain that your car is not going anywhere.

The Valet Park is only available at terminals T1, T2 and T3, to which they grant direct access. All this premium service comes at the price of up to $684 for 14 days, plus $45 for each extra day. Options outside the Melbourne Airport

If you need options outside the airport, consider the following options: Runway Airport Parking Located at a 5km distance from the terminals (roughly eight minutes by car, twenty-five minutes by bus), Runway Parking offers parking at $20 for one day and $99 for fourteen days — longer term parking requires negotiating with their team. However, Runway doesn’t have an indoors carpark.

EASY Airport Parking
Previously used by Europcar, the EASY Park offers a good location for your car — it takes fifteen minutes by bus or four minutes by car to get to the terminal. It also features a free on demand shuttle, turning it into an accessible and convenient option. Its rates range from $25 for one day at their outdoors park to $70 for one week of indoors parking service. Extra days cost $6 for outdoors and $8 for indoors, so take the duration of your trip into account. Most notably, EASY offers both wash and repair services, making it a good option if you’re afraid there’s something wrong with your car, but don’t have the time to check it up due to your travel.

Keep your car safe as you fly with airport car parking. Air travel does not simply involve hopping onto an aircraft and landing at your dream destination - right from the point where you leave your house or office, you have to make sure you reach the airport on time so that you can catch your flight.

For this, most of the time, driving to the airport is a safe option. Driving your own car, however, demands a proper airport car parking facility. Luckily, most airports in the world have good parking spaces that are safe for your vehicle. However they are usually very expensive, and it is a great option to use the private parking facilities operated close to the airport.

But you need to understand a few things to make sure you are paying less and making sure you have chosen the best place to park your vehicle. Often these facilities are conveniently located near the terminal, and the best thing is that you will usually save money.

There are many of these secure undercover carparks near all major international airports. It is just a matter of calling ahead or getting online and pre-booking your spot. Melbourne airport Parking car parking in Melbourne is such a facility near the airport. You just park your car (taking your keys with you of course) and catch a shuttle bus to the domestic or international terminal. It is a service that is widely used around Australia and also around the world.

For more information on airports and the facilities within airports around the world - see the FAA website. To find out more about Australian Airports and their regulations and facilities, see the ASN website.

Top Airport Parking Facilities in Melbourne


The first parking service that you should consider is located at 70-90 Garden Drive with the contact phone listed as 1300 619 38, they are open from 5:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M.

Alpha offers car detailing services which is rather unique for a car parking service. They have both open and covered parking areas to choose from. They also have 24 hour security so you can rest easy and be assured that your vehicle will be safe while you're away.


This great parking service has received the WOMO service award for every year from 2012 to 2016. They offer valet service, indoor parking and 24 hour security for both their indoor and outdoor options.

They also offer their customer rewards program that is free for all customers using their parking service. You will gain points for early reservations, parking days and whenever you decide to use Ace's awarded customer service.


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30 Airport Parking services at 16 UK Airports

Airport Essential has teamed up with APH to offer over 30 airport parking services at 16 UK airports. We offer on airport parking or off airport parking and these are the airports we have parking on or off site.


Pre-book your airport parking with us and save off the gate price. When you pre-book an airport parking space you are guaranteed an airport parking space for the dates you choose. Our airport parking services are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. When you pre-book an airport parking space, the check in of your car is speedy and hassle free when you arrive at the airport car parking service. We advise customers to arrive at the airport parking service 45 minutes before your airport check in time. Airport parking spaces fill up very quickly so pre-book your airport parking online with us to avoid disappointment. 

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Airport Essential has again teamed up with APH to offer over 81 airport hotels at 13 UK airports. We offer on airport hotels with 8 days parking or 15 days parking we also offer room only for those who would rather use public transportation into the airport, the airports where we offer hotels are,

Pre-book airport hotels with us you can save up to 30%. When you pre-book an airport hotel you save the early morning hassle of getting to the airport. Airport hotels with airport parking can cost less than airport parking alone. If you have a late arrival back into the UK an airport hotel could be the answer for you. You can park your car prior to the hotel stay, transfer from the airport car park to the hotel and have a good nights sleep. 

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17 Airport Lounge services at 12 UK Airports

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Pre-book your lounge with us and save off the door price. Escape the airport crowds from only £16.50 per person.
It's not much fun sitting in a crowded airport terminal in the height of summer, especially if your flight has been delayed. Treat yourself to the quiet comfort of a lounge normally reserved for business class passengers. Sit back and enjoy complimentary 

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  • Soft drink
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Snacks
  • Magazines/Newspapers
  • Flight information

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